An Excited Announcement!

Hello all!

I am very excited about this movie project. I have seen a lot of projects fail. They lose steam, lose team members, lose momentum. And no wonder: starting projects and keeping them going to the end is a very very hard thing to do. But this project, well, it just smells of success. And I am salivating just thinking about what is happening.

We have had a great initial boom of people jumping on board and doing things to make it happen, and that is exciting. You can’t get off the ground without that.

But we have also had continued, and accelerating, growth! More and more people are hearing about this project and getting excited about it. That means there is something here that is drawing them in. People are telling other people who are telling other people who are telling yet more people about what we are doing and wanting to do. And those people are climbing on the wagon and asking how they can help.

That is what makes a project succeed.

We have lots of people, all with a common vision and passion to make this dream happen. And it will, if God gives us the strength and the blessing to carry on.

And so here I am to clarify that vision, and to explain what we see the goals of this project to be.

This movie will have dynamic characters driving a strong plot in a creative arena. It will draw inspiration from classics like The Matrix, Star Wars, and Tron, without copying or spoofing them. It will be a powerful musical, calculated to stir your soul and be like nothing you have seen before. It will have diverse action scenes, high, personal stakes, and intriguing special effects. It will appeal to the vast niche of sci-fi fans, programmers and non-programmers alike. It will bring into the Independent Christian Film community a kind of cinema that has been hitherto lacking: the true sci-fi epic.

But beyond that, it will reach out to the vast number of people in the world who are struggling with laziness and addictions in a new, creative, and dramatic way. It will inspire, animate, and empower its viewers. It will thrill your soul without defiling it with crude or untasteful content that you regret having watched. It will be a movie that will make you think, and make you enjoy doing it.

We intend this movie to show in festivals across the States, as well as internationally (possibly). We will release it online as a free download for a limited time with limited content, but we will subsequently release it for sale as a DVD and as a paid download from various venues. And that paid release will include many exclusive bonus features for your enjoyment.

To accomplish this, we have divided the project into several parts, each of which has its own unique goals that we will focus on, and which you can help with.

First we are going to work with our awesome (and constantly growing) volunteer team to get the story ready for marketing to investors.

We will finish the story development. That will include writing and finishing the script and lyrics, as well as creating concept music, art, and storyboards. We will also prepare and plan for convincing people to invest in our project. That includes solidifying our identity branding, developing promotional media, planning our marketing plans, and creating our plans for the final distribution of the movie. We will also be looking for people who are willing to make the movie itself, and finding out how much they need to be compensated.

We will then, from what we have learned from the above activities, settle on a target goal for our budget.

With that completed, we will launch into our second stage of the project: fund-raising.

We will setup a Kickstarter project for our target amount, with a dedicated deadline for us to raise the money. We will do door-to-door campaigns, bake sales, car washes, and we will work with schools, churches, and groups across the States (and across the world) to find investors willing to get us on our feet and going with their donations. If they pay us in hand (which is what we prefer), we will put that money into the Kickstarter project, keeping meticulous record of all our investors.

We will not ask or receive loans or grants of any kind. These go against our principles as a group, based on Biblical standards of conduct. God has the money, and He will provide for us if this is His will for us to succeed. This is His project.

If, in the unlikely event that we ‘fail’ to raise the money in time, the money given directly to Kickstarter will not change hands, and the money donated to us in hand will be returned to the original investors or donated to a reputable charity. We will then not continue with the project, believing that it was not God’s will for us to do it at this time.

I believe, however, that this is God’s will, and that He will give us the people, the strength, and the funds we need to carry it out. He has already blessed us tremendously: beyond my wildest expectations, and beyond my furthest dreams. I believe that He will continue to do so, as we pray and rely on Him to sustain and bless us.

So what exactly needs to be done right now?

We need to research our eventual distribution venues and mediums, such as DVD sales and distributors, festivals, and download sites, to discern what their rules are and what we need to do to get into as many of the best of them as we can.

We need to decide on the final length of our movie based on those discoveries, and finish the script and songs. Right now our options range from 15-35 minutes or so. Though some have wanted to make it into a feature film, that doesn’t really fit into our goals at the moment, at least so far as I can tell. But that might lie in our future, if everything turns out alright.

We need to develop our marketing platform. That means designing and producing promotional materials and brands such as logos, banners, slogans, business cards, pamphlets, fliers, posters, blog badges, desktop wallpapers, facebook fan page, twitter stream, newsletter, youtube channel, blog posts, press releases, and everything else that can be wildly imagined.

And above all, we need you. We need people to continue to come on board and dedicate parts of their lives to this project, helping out in any way they can, stretching beyond their comfort zones, doing things beyond people’s expectations, and just all around buckling down to hard work. We need people to spread the word, think outside the box, and draw others in. We need you to climb on board with this great opportunity to do something big.

So connect with us! Email us at, or me personally at, or my right-hand girl in this project, Katie Daniels, at Join our forum at Comment below, tweet us back, send us a private message. Let others know about us: ‘Like’ us, Tweet us, ‘Digg’ us, post us, and all around go nuts about what we are doing!

Thank you so much for your kind attention and for taking the time to read this exciting announcement. You are awesome!

With joy and peace and trust in Christ,

Jay Lauser aka Sir Emeth Mimetes

Soli Deo Gloria!


Validation, an Awesome Movie

If you haven’t noticed, I love movies. Period. Even movies that are from worldviews that are absolutely opposed to mine. I just like movies.

But this one I love.

I absolutely think it is one of the best short films I have watched, and I think you are absolutely missing out if you don’t sit down and watch it sometime. It is only about 15 minutes.

It teaches beautiful and important lessons in a beautiful and striking way.

So without further ado…


Love it doncha? 😀

What do you think? How has this inspired you to live your life differently?

And you are awesome if you comment. Seriously. You are. Most people wouldn’t take the time to do it. Most people just drop a ‘thanks’ or something like that. Even those people are awesome. But you guys who comment on my posts with great thoughts (that often times put my writing to shame)…





A Fun Family Set of Videos

If you have been following me on Facebook or Buzz (or on Twitter for that matter) you probably have noticed a flood of videos coming through my stream. Of course I understand that if you are not one of those nice people who read and comment on them all, you are probably intimidated by the vast quantity of things I share. So I wanted to put a few of my favorites on here for all you people who have lives. 😉

Enjoy! These were both entries for contests on


Greetings and heartfelt felicitations,

You may have noticed a marked absence of posts this week. This is not due to lack of topics, as you well know. But I find that when I am struggling in various areas, I cannot find the words to write. The words do not come from me, but by the strength and grace of God. And when I fall away from Him, I lose my source of inspiration, among other, more desirable things.

Recently I have been fighting a tendency to arrogance and selfishness, which many of you have doubtless noticed, and disliked. I don’t like it either. 😛 And I want to apologize for any behavior that has turned you away from my friendship. It was my Old Man, and not me.

Come What May


There is a new group of entrepreneurs coming up in the world: the independent film makers. Especially the homeschooling independent film makers. While their quality has for a long time been so-so at their best, they are now rivaling the full production companies.

Before when someone highly recommends an independent, home made movie, my expectancies were along these lines: inexperienced acting, canned or cheesy music, hard to follow cinematography, simple or obscure plot, but a moral and a lesson worth it all.

No more.

The movies being turned out now are nothing short of top quality at regular standards. Movies like Widow’s Might, Pendragon, and Come What May have set the bar up several notches. They all, of course, have their weaknesses, but their weaknesses are minuscule compared to the horrendous stuff churned out nowadays and called ‘art’ by the more secular engines. This is what I applaud and encourage: we are taking back the media for the glory of God.

For the longest time now, I have been wanting to watch Come What May. I heard about its message and wanted to be encouraged by it. But I was not sure what category it might fit into: the cheesy but tolerable, or the revolutionary and passionate. Thus I was overjoyed to have the opportunity to watch it with my church on New Year’s Eve.

I can now say this: it met and exceeded all my expectations.

Not only was the quality of the acting, cinematography, story line, and characters superb to a fine degree, but the message was deep, powerful, spellbinding, passionate, and driving. It made me weep from the bottom of my soul; and it got me up and sent me on with a resolve burning in my heart.

It touched on the things that are held most dear to me, and so the effect it had on my may not be replicated to the full by other viewers, but I can assure you that it is at the very least worth the time and money it takes to see it.

My life’s passion can be summed up in one word: Liberty. This is a wide reaching passion, spanning from the internal struggles of purity in my heart, to the highest reaches of government and Biblical economics. It guides and drives my passion for life and my hatred for abortion. It keeps me persevering in purity, for the far off goal of marriage, and the beauty and power of that eventual joining of my hand with a woman’s.

Come What May drove straight at the heart of all those things, all my life’s passions, ruthlessly and stridently calling me to stand up for them, and to go on at all costs. It brought me to face my motives, and to renew my resolve. It brought me to the calling of God in my life, and placed a firm hand on my shoulder, guiding me into it.

And it should do the same for you.

In other words: Five Stars!

With joy and peace in Christ,

Jay Lauser

The Photographer

My family downloaded The Photographer for me from Behemoth on my 19th birthday. We watched it the following day, and found it to be exceptional in quality and construction. There are some books that do not follow the normal way of writing, and keep you in a state of feeling odd. These books are sometimes disliked, but if one actually thinks about what he is reading, then they are loved. This movie is like those types of books. It was written more like a good book than a normal movie, which I like. The acting was above average for an independant Christian film: quite good enough for the requirements made by the characters and the plot. The inclusion of Tennyson’s poems was a fascinating and brilliant touch. The period feel and replication was very good. The movie was short, but well worth it.

Pendragon: Sword of His Father

Pendragon - Sword of His Father

Every birthday in our family, the birthday person gets to pick a movie to watch. For my 19th birthday this weekend, I picked Pendragon. We watched it last night (we were impatient).

I have noticed something about reviews and media that was highlighted in our experience with Pendragon. When you read a review that is half-hearted in its approbation of something, and then you watch it or read it yourself, and it surpasses your low expectations, you are blown away by how good it is. However, if you had read a bunch of rave reviews and then watched the same movie or read the same book, you would have been disappointed in it. That is my theory for why reviews can be so contradictory when talking about the same item. Anyway, I have read a lot of reviews by a lot of people about Pendragon, and was expecting a “they tried hard, but not quite good enough” type of independent film. We watched a few previews and trailers of it, and were not blown away by their acting. But I was not dissuaded and we still watched it.

I do not want to give a rave review, for the reason I stated above. But it is hard not to. I will tell you this: it was an awesome movie, under-rated by everyone. All the ‘bad acting’ we saw was actually great, when taken in context. The music was magnificent, the action was awesome, and the plot was fascinating. The message spoke directly to my heart and what I am passionate about. All in all, a must-watch for any family. I do not say that often.

With joy and peace in Christ,

Jay Lauser aka Sir Emeth Mimetes