A Call for Help: Epic Sci-Fi Musical

Many Excited Welcomings!

I am launching a new project that I would love to open up to all of you, as I am sure that there are many here who would love to have the opportunity to take part.

I am making an epic sci-fi musical allegorical open short movie.

I need lots of people to make this happen. I am sure that if you are at all interested in sci-fi and this project we can find a place for you. Some of the main roles that we are looking for are:

  • Actors
    • The Main Character: early twenties; programmer (so the actor needs to be able to touch-type fast). The actor needs to be able to act in anger, despair, and with a green-screen doing extensive cloning (he will be playing an army of clones by himself), comfortable with stunt martial arts, and who can sing really well (operatic).
    • The Antagonist: will be masked the whole time, but needs to be able to do stunt martial arts and look intimidating as well as show clear emotion and thought without his face being seen. We will have another actor do his voice.
    • Antagonist Voice: needs to be able to record and sing an operatic villain song. Epic, not comic.
    • Friend of Main Character: same age as Main Character, doesn’t need to sing.
    • Computer: we only need a head for this character, but he needs to be a slightly older man (like a father), who can demonstrate clear, but not overdone emotion, as well as sound mentorly.
    • Client Voice: older man, only heard over the phone, angry.
  • Director: needs good experience with sci-fi stories and with green-screen productions.
  • Copywriter: someone to keep the blog updated with our activities who can write compelling sales copy to get people on board.
  • Choir: we need a middle sized choir (or a clever equivalent) with recording capability, willing to sing in some epic songs (probably Latin) for free.
  • Photo Manipulation Artist: someone skilled with gimp or photoshop who can help with concept art, posters, banners, logos, and stuff like that.
  • Animation Team: this movie will include massive amounts of VFX and CGI, so we need top notch animators, modelers, and special effects artists. If someone has a render farm as well that would be most handy, to say the least.
  • Camera Team: we need quality recording equipment for the movie itself.
  • Fund-raising Team: we need people willing to help coordinate funds being raised to help pay for the services of those people who simply cannot help us for free.

That is just the tip of the iceberg: our top needs. There is still room for scriptwriters, composers, choreographers, songwriters, and all kinds of other people. The best thing to do is to explain what you can do and ask where we can use you. 🙂

I have started a few projects before, and each has been more successful than I expected, as well as bigger than the previous. This one is no exception. There is a ton of potential here. It is already getting off the ground with lots of excited people pitching in and helping out. But we need and want you!

The story will encourage and uplift Christians who can recognize the parallels, but will also reach out to non-Christians. It will present the Christian worldview in a latent manner that is palatable for secular ears.

If you have any questions or or if you are interested in participating in any way (or even if you aren’t and you just want to talk to me about it) let me know by commenting here or emailing me at jay.lauser@sir-emeth.com. We also have a forum for collaboration on all stages of the project that you can join at http://debugger.freephpbb3.com, so check that out as well.

Although I love encouragement on the project, I am really posting to get people on board who are willing to put effort into doing something bigger than each of us. It is about getting true Rebelutionaries ready and raring to go for a new project: a New Hard Thing.

Thanks for listening!

Hope to hear from you soon!

With and joy peace in Christ,
Jay Lauser


A Call to Arms!

About three years ago, I went to a boy’s home in Tennessee, called the Shenandoah Ranch Academy. It was for struggling teens (oftentimes runaways, addicts, or worse). I needed it.

The nine months I spent at the Ranch contained some of the hardest months of my life. They also contained some of the best. Several were both.

The regulations there were strict (among the most prominent was the outlawing of all interaction with girls. Period.), but we needed that. The guys there and the staff became some of the best friends I have ever had (have amazing friends, so that is saying a ton). They loved me, and I loved them.

But many (most) of the guys hated the Ranch. It was hard. It was difficult. It was constraining. They ran into every rule. They got into trouble.

I didn’t. At least not as much. I loved the Ranch.

When I went into it, I had a mindset that was new to me: I had forged it through many prayerful and tearful nights and days in the weeks previous. I was destroying my whole set of habits, attitudes, and worldviews, and re-building from the Bible up. One of the principles that I adopted was that I would obey my authorities, regardless of whether I thought they were right or wrong. That decision carried me through the Ranch, and I rarely got in trouble.

But it wasn’t me that did it. It was God. Just weeks prior I had been stubborn, rebellious, filled with wickedness and despicable sins. The difference was that I had been saved. God was doing dramatic and wonderful things in my life.

The staff there guided me in my life, forming new habits of humility, honesty, and strength. But mostly diligence and persistence.

Their Biblical teachings and counsel were invaluable to me, and carried me through a lot.

The Ranch has gone through a lot of tough times. Over time directors have come and gone. Boys have come and left. The campus has changed. The rules have changed.

But something has stayed.

It is a place where parents can send their sons to be helped Biblically, and where they really will be helped.

I left to go to my family, and we left to go to Ireland, and I miss the Ranch. I still keep in contact with my friends there, even those who have left (insofar as I am able). I call back and encourage as I can. I do this because they are special to me, and I want to help them.

So why am I telling you all this?

Glad you asked (now I am starting to sound like a salesman).

One of the crucial roles at the Ranch is that of Dorm Monitor. This vital part of the staff is a mature young man (over 21, so he can drive the van) to help lead by example, tend the grounds, and monitor the dorm. The guys need someone who is like them who they can look up to and model their lives after. They need someone who knows where they are and who has overcome. They need someone who is a spiritual and a physical leader, who will not cow to their whims.

They need a rebelutionary.

I was blessed to be there when a young man named Phil Dunlop (actually one of the sons of the author of the Terrestria Chronicles series, and yes, I did meet his dad. 🙂 ) was dorm monitor. But he is away at college now, and they need a good strong dorm monitor.

I told the Director (his name is James Scott, a friend who is like a father, an uncle, and a grandfather all in one to me) that I would ask my rebelutionary friends to see who would like to offer to take this job.

It pays. It is hard.You would need to go live in TN, hopefully for at least a year. It is definitely worthwhile.

If none of you guys are able to take this opportunity of ministry and service, pass it on to someone you trust. Help me help these guys. They need to hear our heart’s cry: the battle call of the Rebelution.

If you have any questions you can comment, drop me an email at sir.emeth@gmail.com, or email Bro. James Scott at shenandoahboys@gmail.com. You can also call him at (423) 618-4090.

Thank you so very much for passing this on!

With joy and peace in Christ,

Jay Lauser

What Do I Do??


I have a problem.

I consider it to be a big problem. Others might not, but I do.

I can’t talk to teenagers.

That’s it.

“But wait!” you say, “I am a teenager, and you talk to me all the time!”

Well, yes, that is true. But you are on the internet. 😛

Perhaps I should say ‘connect’ instead. I want to add value to those I talk to, and I want to connect with their value: I want to learn what they have learned. I have a purpose in my conversations.

Perhaps that is why when I walk up to a group of talking teenagers (even at my church), they stop talking and wander off.

Or maybe it is the beard. Whatever.

When I corner them and ask them what they are interested in, they clam up: they go dry. If I ask a group of them what they were talking about, they don’t know. If I ask them what they would like to talk about… They. Have. No. Clue.

It is embarassing walking up to them, because I can’t get the purpose out of my stride, and I scare them.

I can talk to the adults with ease. On the internet and off.

I can talk to rebelutionaries. Easily.


But I can’t talk to my own kind… or are they my kind?

They react to me like I am an adult, and they don’t connect with me.

Maybe because I interact with adults on their level. Maybe my best friends and buddies (in face-to-face communication) are 3-4 times my age.

Maybe it is because I actually have a purpose in life, interests, and dreams. Maybe?

But whatever the reason why, I want to connect with them. I have a passion to reach out to them. I want to touch their lives. I want to share what I have learned with them. I want to learn from them.

That is why I care.

But I don’t know how.

I am sure at least some of you, my dear readers, you who know how to think, have this same problem. I know some of you have the opposite problem: you can’t break into the ring of adults.

But how do you break into the ring of teens?

None of our family has been able to, not even enough to reveal our consummate weirdness. So that isn’t what is scaring them off.

So I am asking you, my treasured online friends: How can we connect with our age group? How do you who are adults reach us?

Thank you.