The Final Summit: a review

The Final Summit

The Final Summit

The Final Summit is a book in a series, and it isn’t the first book, and I read it without reading the others first (because I got it free from Booksneeze in return for an unbiased review). So it was a bit… non-immersive for me. I wasn’t connected to the characters. But then, I don’t think that was one of the goals in the first place.

This book is a lecture in success and effective living, framed in the narrative of a life of a man. It’s a good read, interesting, and well written, but it isn’t an action adventure novel.

The premise is that the greatest minds of the earth from all ages are gathered together to answer one question. The question was this: “What does humanity need to do individually and collectively to restore itself to the pathway toward successful civilization?” The answer was two words.

I disagreed with the author’s answer (which I will not give, because that would be a spoiler) because although it was a good, viable one, it was not the real answer. It did not go deep enough and it did not strike true enough. My answer is: “Seek God.” For if we seek, we find — God promises that. And if we keep on seeking, even after we are saved, we will draw ever closer to Him. Every other answer to our society’s problems can be found along that journey. And without it, no other answer is complete, even if you put all of them together.

But aside from that, the book is a good, educational read. Especially for history buffs. 🙂


Review: Invasion


Invasion By Jon Lewis

Invasion By Jon Lewis

Comic books. They are pretty cool…


until they stop being comic books and become real books. Then they are only sorta cool. If done right.

See, there is a lot of stuff that you can put into a comic book that makes it really awesome. Big explosions, cool costumes, the way the hero holds his gun just so, etcetera. You can even get some of those things into movies (though there are a bunch of other cool things you can put in one, but not the other, and vice versa, so it isn’t a one-to-one correlation).

But those kinds of things are ridiculously hard to make interesting in a regular book.

Invasion, thankfully, wasn’t as bad as it could have been, being one of those kinds of books. If it had been a comic book, its irony alone (being about comic book heroes and villains being real) would have made it interesting to say the least. But as a regular book, in my view, it should have taken advantage of all the unique things that regular books have to offer authors.

It was exciting, but shallow for someone who is used to Lord of the Rings and the Dark Trench Saga (Kerry Nietz). Younger readers who don’t want to go over their heads should be interested in it, though, as it is a good, clean, fun novel to read.

(And many thanks to BookSneeze for getting me the book for free so I could review it for them: I didn’t have to be nice, haha.)



Everyone Communicates…

…But Few Connect.

Well I just finished Everyone Communicates, Few Connect by John Maxwell. I am almost ashamed for getting such a good book for free from BookSneeze, and even though I wasn’t required to give a positive review, that is the only kind I can give it.

Out of the hundreds of books that I have read that are really good, this one is definitely in the top ten. John Maxwell brings Biblical, Christian, practical, applicable, powerful, and profound principles, tactics, illustrations, and humor together in this book with a vital message: how to connect with everyone you come into contact with.

Connecting is the most important thing you can do in any relationship (family, spouse, parents, boss, co-workers, subordinates, clients, everyone). And every single step that John Maxwell gives you here will by itself revolutionize the way you connect. Integrating them all is hard work, but it is worth it. Five stars isn’t enough: this book is crucial for your life.

Free Book for Free!


I am trying out the BookSneeze service, and so far, it looks good. I got to read a good book and write about it all for free! Humorously, the book I chose is called Free Book. Hahaha… Unfortunately they want a shorter review than I would naturally give, and for those of you who know me, you can well imagine that I am champing at my bit! Oh well, here goes.

I received this book recently for free from BookSneeze on condition that I write this review on it. I was only too happy to oblige, and here I am. I agree with many of the other reviews that I have read on Free Book that the first impression is one of “What is this guy thinking!” But once I got a chapter or so into it, I got a better understanding of what he was trying to say, and by the end of the book I was fully reconciled to it, and ready to recommend it to others.

The main thing that I found troublesome with it was that he neglected to define his terms until the end of the book, rather than at the beginning. Of course, that got him more attention, but he might have lost a lot of readers due to misunderstandings. Just read through to the end though, he explains himself.

I disagree with a lot of his conclusions (when do I ever agree with everything anyone says?), but his premises, his passion, and his foundations were solid, and very important. He spoke out passionately about something that is very often missed and left at the wayside in our ‘churchised’ culture: Biblical Freedom (what I would call liberty). This is something that needs to be read and understood at any cost.

For your information, here is a link to booksneeze, and a link to Free Book on Amazon.