Affiliate Links

Don’t you hate it when people pay you money?

Nope, I don’t either. Getting paid is not only fun, but important for survival.

But what is even more fun is when you can get paid for doing something that you absolutely love to do. I love to write, I love to program, I love to design, I love to sell things, and I love to help my friends find things that I love (go take a gander at my activity stream if you don’t believe me).

And I can actually get paid for telling you about really neat things! That is what I call neat. So this page is to let you know that when I mention an ‘affiliate’ or an ‘affiliate link’ that means they are people that I am paid to like, but I love anyways. It also means that if you click through and take them up on their amazing offers (I only sell things I fully endorse), I get paid a commission on it!

And what is even cooler: you can do this too! Here is one of my affiliates here:

Affiliate Banner

If you use that link to sign up for Brett Manning’s affiliate program, I get commissions off your success as well, so it is a win-win-win-win (you, your readers, Brett Manning, and me)!

A good note: I am required by law to ‘disclose’ this information to you (or I get fined big time), as if I wouldn’t share it with you anyways. So keep that in mind when you too sign up for affilate deals like Brett Manning’s. 🙂


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