To my Dear and Beloved Brothers and Sisters

To my Dear and Beloved Brothers and Sisters,

On my last Christmas, God willing, within the walls of prison, I send you my prayers and blessings for an awesome year and a joyful life. May God grace you with energy and guidance to aid you in loving obedience to His perfect will and law. May He walk beside you in tangible intimacy through the hard times and the difficult choices, and through the blessed and joyous times. Remember in all things who is the most important person inside or outside the universe, and what He did and has done and will do for all of us. I eagerly look forward to spending more real time with you all very soon. * hugs and happy dances all around *

Shalom V’baruch Aleichem,
Peace and Blessings to you all,
Yours in Christ,
Jaymes with a Why aka Sir Emeth Mimetes


One Response

  1. Jay,
    Best wishes for a blessed and peaceful Christmas.
    And hoping for a really awesome Christmas for you next year.
    Tom 🙂

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