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There were a bunch of titles that I considered for this article. “Feet are awesome,” “The root of the problem,” and others. But I stuck with the above mainly because it was biblical. And even if the context of it isn’t talking exactly about my subject… it is in principle. At least I believe so.

I have always taken great pride in making my feet tough and strong and capable. I would run barefoot on sharp gravel and through the woods and climb trees barefoot to strengthen them up… so I could do all those things all over again. I used them almost like hands as far as picking things up goes, and just as much as hands when climbing trees.

I was even able to navigate blackberry patches in bare feet. And that is quite the challenge, let me tell you.

Feet in TreeMy feet never took on the symptoms that people normally have from being constantly confined in shoes (such as being unable to straighten your toes), mostly because I hardly ever wore shoes.

I loved my feet. And I still do. They’ve been through a lot with me, and I trust ’em to take care of themselves (for the most part anyway). They are very capable appendages.

I can tell a lot about a person from their feet. A person will take great pains, often enough, to take care of their face and watch its expressions and appearance. They know it is their ambassador, like their clothes. Some people know that their hands also represent themselves (mostly people who’ve read Sherlock Holmes, I’d imagine), and take care of them as well, to make them show what they want to show.

Feet on FenceBut our feet are like the knights guarding the backdoor. People don’t often think of them as representatives, but they are, and often they will tell you things your hands and face will not.

Besides, feet were created originally to be beautiful, just like the rest of our body. And I always saw them as such.

So imagine my surprise when I discovered that not everyone likes feet! They think they are disgusting and devoid of beauty or practicality other than for walking on here and there, and even then they are despised for carrying out this noble task. How terrible.

But these same people like hands… and eyes… and mouths…. And all those are just as messy, often as not! So… why?

Feet in SkyHonestly, I see it as a symptom of a very common ailment among people throughout the world and throughout time.

Arbitrary preference.

Two big words, but let me break that down. Arbitrary means without external reason or control. Ungoverned. In this context, I am using it to refer to a decision made with no valid or weighty reasoning behind it. A preference is another kind of choice, a choice between two things, one of which you choose to like more than the other. Normally a preference is made based off of reason (or it should be). As in, you prefer one college over another, because it is cheaper and provides better schooling.

The problem is when you make an arbitrary preference. A preference that dictates that you do not like something as much as another for no reason at all. I am not talking about having two options with equal merit and choosing one — no, that is something else. I am talking about choosing one thing over another with no reasons considered for either, or even without looking at them!

An example?

A favorite color. Honestly, I don’t have a favorite color in the traditional sense, because every single color has its specific place in creation with its own unique role. They are different, and they affect me differently, but I do not set one up over another in its own right as far as esthetics go.

However, if you ask me what my favorite color is, I will say it is green. Why? Because I took several things into consideration to make that decision. I looked at what the color green means to me, and discovered that it meshes beautifully with my life passions and principles. And so, green is my favorite because it reminds me, more than other colors, of what is really important to me.

As for favorite foods, I have none at all, no matter which way you look at it. I enjoy each food placed before me in its own right, and do not arbitrarily decide to dislike something. And I definitely don’t choose to dislike a food I haven’t tried. I will make health and quality distinctions (such as, I don’t eat refined sugar or flour and things like that, and I don’t eat shellfish), but those are informed choices, not arbitrary preferences.

Why did I make this decision (and it is a decision)?

Feet with FlowerBecause I realized long ago that in choosing to dislike something, I am choosing to reject something for which I could have been grateful. I am choosing to insert into my life a dose of unhappiness. What do I mean by unhappiness? A lack of things happening to me that I like. (Quite different from joy, but that is another article.) If I choose to like as much as I can, I am more happy. Which is good.

And if you look at it that way… making an arbitrary preference would mean I would be rejecting a blessing from God. And that is not something I want. I want everything He will give me!

That is why I started this post off about feet. Feet are a blessing from God, for which I am thankful. And I want to encourage you all to take them as an example of the infinite multitude of things that are often overlooked in God’s abundant blessings to us. And then, maybe, to remember to choose to like things, just because God gave them to you.Feet in Tree


25 Responses

  1. This is an incredibly insightful post…really got me thinking. More than inspirational, to say the least. 🙂

  2. Thanks for the reminder to ‘count our blessings.’ I love finding joy and blessing in the little things… but have never gotten quite that specific.

    On another note, I love going barefoot as well. The exception is my cowboy boots. But those are almost too small because my feet have ‘splayed’ from going barefoot so much… and my arches have sunk which means my running shoes give me blisters.
    But shoes are a nuisance. I love the feet God gave me. 🙂

    • You are welcome. 🙂

      Yep, that is how it goes sometimes. Though I have found that although I go barefoot so much, because I do a lot of exercises that strengthen my arch and etcetera, my feet don’t have those problems.

  3. Hmm, from your description I would say you lived in the south. Almost everyone goes barefoot down here 😛

    But yes, I totally agree. Feet are very underrated. I am barefoot almost all the time and I now hate wearing shoes. I also want to start running barefoot to not only get exercise but strengthen my feet as well.

    We should treasure every part of the body as God made them all and even Paul says no part of the body is greater than the other (speaking of the church, the body of Christ).

    • Haha! Nope, only for about a year. My most barefoot days were up in WA, in the evergreen forests. 😀

      Yep, I do that. And jumping jacks (tons and tons of jumping jacks really fast), which also helps a lot.

      Amen. Our bodies are pictures of the body of Christ, and to demean one part creates a mindset that harms the church.

  4. Very interesting post. No doubt our feet are the unsung heroes of our bodies. Since I have been doing our blog last year I have come across a lot of comments about feet, but the one that stood out was the people who actually fear feet, and there was even one who claimed to be paranoid about feet, lol. Strange.

  5. Great post! Very thought-provoking. It too reminds me of Paul’s words on the body of Christ. 1 Corinthians 12: 15 & 18

    Being thankful for every little thing in life adds to the happiness of everyday living.

    Feet are very handy. *laughs at the unintended pun* 😀 Yay for bare feet! Standing on the earth doesn’t have the same effect when wearing shoes. My siblings and I spend life at home barefooted. I recollect many times shuffling through bindi patches, trying to avoid the prickles. Curiously enough, running around on the cold earth in wintertime in bare feet gave us a higher immune system against colds.

    (also good grip on the floors when running through the house, climbing trees, football, etc. 🙂 )

  6. *laughs* That is a good point about Adam and Eve, Jay!! *grins*

    I like feet. I like this post.

    (There, how’s that for concise?)

  7. 2nd visit and I still like this post! We would repost it at toemail if you did not mind?

  8. Thanks! I will let you know when it is posted!

  9. By the way, where is your location?

  10. […] in bare feet. And that is quite the challenge, let me tell you.” More photos and story here […]

  11. Posted it with a link back here, Thanks!

  12. Awesome, Jay! 🙂

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