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I am not a conspiracy theorist.

I am not a doom-and-gloomer. (Not even sure how do define those guys either.)

Of course I believe the end of the world is coming (I mean, duh, it’s gotta end sometime).

But I don’t necessarily think it is coming soon (depending on what you mean by ‘soon’).

In any case I don’t think it really should change anything we do right now.

But I do believe that there are coming some serious changes in this world. From the Bible (not eschatology at all), and from history (tends to repeat itself), and from some common knowledge (yes I know, the kind that isn’t so common anymore). And I believe that before long, survival skills will be in high demand.

And even if they aren’t they are still useful to have. Just in case. They don’t hurt anything, and they help quite a bit, so why not?


Now I am going to shift gears a bit, and bring up my other thread that I am going to weave into this article: marriage.

Specifically, preparing for marriage.

Right, marriage is something you should prepare for. I hope you agree with that, ’cause it is pretty obvious. Even if you don’t prepare for anything else in life, you should prepare for marriage. Even if all you do is make sure you marry someone who does prepare. 😛 (Just kidding, that would be kind of annoying. For the poor person who is always prepared.)

Now both of these subjects are about preparation. The one, for survival, the other, for marriage. They each require unique skills and equipment.

But what if you had to prepare for both?

Imagine that you are Noah, or Noah’s wife: what would you make sure to learn and teach yourself for the life after the flood? What would you make sure you bring on board the ark (other than the animals and food)?

Imagine that you are a pioneer, or a pioneer’s wife, and ask the same questions: what would you bring to survive on the barren prairies, what would you learn to help you support yourself (and your family) in the starting of a new habitation?

Imagine that you are going off into the wilds of the world to start a new nation, or that you are going to marry someone who is going to do that: what would you teach yourself, how would you prepare?

I believe those are questions we should all be asking ourselves. Of course, if you absolutely refuse to ask these questions of yourself because of whatever reasons, I won’t try to convince you to. For once, this has absolutely nothing to do with what is right or wrong: this is just some things to think about if you want to. I think you won’t regret it if you do, but that is just my advice.

So how would you go about resetting your thinking in this way? We are very reliant on things around us that are just provided and accepted no questions asked. We never actually think about how much we use stuff that just wouldn’t be there anymore in the above situations. Of course we want to prepare for all the normal humdrum stuff like how to get along with someone of the opposite sex, how to raise babies, how to do all that stuff, haha. But what about the things we don’t think about all that often?

So sit down and make a list of everything you do in a day (or a week or a month or a year, depending on what you want to list), and then look at what all needed to be there for you to do it, and so on. This is a great thankfulness exercise too, by the way. 😉

You make meals. Alright, 1) where did the fixings come from and 2) what did you use to prepare it with?

Hmm… will those cans be there (even hard core make-it-from-scratch people like us use some stuff in cans)? Alright, so where would you get that stuff in lieu of cans?

A microwave? What luxury! Now try going without it… now what?

What about laundry or washing dishes? Can you do either of those by hand? Do you know how to make washcloths and soap? Do you know how to get by with limited amounts of water?

What about fixing things? What if you were the one who had to fix all the plumbing (assuming you have that)? What about the vehicle? What about …

What if you had to birth your own child? All. By. Yourselves.

Reading old books helps. 😉

Now think about this: what are all the possible bad things that could happen to you or your family? Earthquakes, robbery, murders, tornadoes, terrorists, war, illness, etc., stuff like that. Now list what is preventing them from happening, and what is in place to help fix and take care of things if they happen anyways? What if you had to do all that yourself?

Get a gun, learn how to use it. Learn first aid (like how to keep someone from dying who just got his leg chopped off, handy stuff like that). Learn how to defend yourself without weapons (aka Gracie Jiu Jitsu). Learn all that stuff.

Girls, what would you put into your hope chest if you knew that after you got married, you would be on your own with your husband and family, fighting against starvation and bandits? Interesting question, eh?

And just for good measure, throw in some silver bullets for the zombie werewolves. Just in case.

This is a very freestyle list, just something to get you all thinking. I would seriously love to hear what you all would like to add to it, and all your ideas about what would be good to include. We can help each other, haha. So comment away! 🙂


12 Responses

  1. I am going to be super nice and not post a 1963 word comment…

    Instead I’ll just post a link.


    Those are some of my ideas, but not just for this type of thing… just for life in general. 🙂

    (And no… we did not plan that.)

  2. ‘Welcome!

    *Laughs* I guess that’s true. 😀

  3. Now I’m glancing dubiously at my hope chest and wondering if I should have a gun in there… at least I have the washcloth thing covered.

    Just kidding. Partially. I do have a good stack of washcloths made.

    Anyway, great post with a clever delivery.

  4. “What if you had to birth your own child? All. By. Yourselves.”

    This totally made me smile. 🙂 Great post!

  5. Great Post Jay! 🙂 One question, what is a hope chest? I’ve never heard of one! Is it an American thing?

    Steph 🙂 (Elanor)

    • A hope chest is a collection of things that a girl builds up in her unmarried years in preparation for marriage. Carissa can tell you more about it. 🙂

      I am not sure if it is strictly American or not… I think it was originally a European custom.

  6. Carissa here…

    A hope chest can be used in a number of different ways: as a place to collect necessary items for starting your own home; a place to store “heirlooms” and other pretty things that you hope to use in your home someday; a place to keep things you’ve made yourself in order to show your level of preparedness for marriage…

    I happen to use mine for all of those things, haha.

    But I’ve read a few different books (two, I think) about them and they both were saying that it was especially a way to physically show that you were preparing/prepared for marriage. 🙂

    So… there’s my “more” about hope chests. Basically… what he said. 😀

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