Serendipitous Super Share Saturday

Hey everyone!

For those of you who aren’t subjected to my flooding torrent of shared content that streams through my various social sharing venues, I share a lot of stuff. Lots. Of course, not everyone will be interested in everything I share, and not everything I share is valuable to everyone. But some things that come through I don’t want anyone to miss, they are that good.

So here I am this Saturday, regaling you with the reiterated reminiscence of my ravagings of the online readership. In other words, here are a few of my favorite shares from this week. 🙂

Something helpful: passwords to avoid completely, and how to easily make a memorable and secure password.

Something cute: a squirrel trying to help a baby squirrel jump up a wall.

Something hilarious and cool: one of the best advertisements I have ever seen, as well as some of the best CGI I have ever seen.

Something beautiful: an awesome picture of… a day.

Something for web-designers: several considerations for when you pick a font for your website.

Something scientific: could we actually be riding on live woolly mammoths soon, and what would it mean if we did?

Something techie: a water jet pack that can make you fly.


2 Responses

  1. Did you see the news about the “skin gun”?

    THAT is cool.

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