Napoleon's abdication

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AB’DICATE, v.t. [L. abdica; ab and dico, to dedicate, to bestow, but the literal primary sense of dico is to send or thrust.]
1. In a general sense, to relinquish, renounce, or abandon.
2. To abandon an office or trust, without a formal resignation to those who conferred it, or without their consent; also to abandon a throne, without a formal surrender of the crown.
3. To relinquish an office before the expiration of the time of service.
4. To reject; to renounce; to abandon as a right.
5. To cast away; to renounce; as to abdicate our mental faculties [Unusual.]
6. In the civil law, to disclaim a son and expel him from the family, as a father; to disinherit during the life of the father.
AB’DICATE, v.i. To renounce; to abandon; to cast off; to relinquish, as a right, power, or trust.
Though a King may abdicate for his own person, he cannot abdicate for the monarchy.

For the month of November, I will be neglecting this blog, so that I may focus my creative powers upon the challenge of NaNoWriMo.

My goal is to complete a 140,000 word novel this month, with the purpose of publishing it. As such, I need to write, on average, about 5000 words a day. Fun.

So talk to you later, and wish me luck. 😉


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  1. Pretty cool. I’ve thought for years about writing a book, but I’ve not got the wherewithall, and my family eat up all of my time. What little free time I do have, I’ve dedicated to my blog, good and bad.

    I’d need help writing a book anyway, because even though I can put together a good article that flows, I’d be all over in a mess with a book.

    • I know how that is. NaNoWriMo is a good exercise in just writing, no matter what, and getting a draft written to be edited. 🙂

      Yes, structure and flow in a novel is a lot more involved. It takes a lot to get it right. A lot of practice and learning and editing. Haha.

  2. On an aside… have you checked out Mr. Beale’s website? Before/if you read Summa Elvetica, you may want to peruse his blog for several days… and I do mean several. He goes by Vox Day and his articles can often be found on http://www.wnd.com

    He says he’s a Christian, and he’s got brains on economics, and I know that we Christians will disagree on some things… but he espouses a lot of views which leave me with a generally bad taste.

    • Nope, I haven’t. I read Summa Elvetica, and wanted to track him down, but haven’t yet. Thanks for the leads! 🙂

      I can see a lot of agreements between him and me (at least from what is on Wikipedia on him, haha). I will have to see what his blog says. Haha.

  3. I have friends attending it,
    best of luck to everyone in it.

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