A Review of Stephen Lawhead’s Skin Map


The Skin Map

The Skin Map


When I got The Skin Map from Booksneeze (at no charge, no obligations, very awesome), I really had no idea what to expect. I had already read a few of Stephen Lawhead‘s books, and I knew that he had a diverse range of style. So I dug in with no preconceived notions about what it would be like.

And I loved it.

His mastery of the art of description is beyond belief (I had to stop several times to jump up and down because I loved his style so much, seriously). His level of attention to details like period mindset and speech is a delight to behold (especially for die-hard background-first novelists like me).

My only quibble was that he doesn’t end the first book as a stand-alone. He makes you need to read the next one to continue the story arc properly. And that isn’t out yet, which is maddening.

And for those of you who are worried about inappropriate content (I was a bit, since his Song of Albion trilogy had some), don’t be. It is completely clean. Utterly. I couldn’t have been more pleased on that score (and promptly gave it to my little siblings to share).

5 out of 5 stars, very recommended.


5 Responses

  1. Thanks for the review. I had “forgotten” about Mr. Lawhead. I’ve read some of his works but lost interest in his books as he was doing his crusader series. His Arthurian series was pretty good until he dragged it on too long (with a fourth and I think fifth book). I have his song of Albion series but only ever read the first book, never getting thru the second. I’ve got his first Empyrion book. Interesting, but could be so much more… that said it’s one of his earlier works so I think he was still trying to “find his place”. I also liked his stand alone Byzantium. I had zero interest in his Robin Hood series or the stand alone Patrick. I might be willing to give him another go though if this is something completely different because many of his books are quite enjoyable, and I agree, his style, rich in detail wraps you in. I’m no slow reader generally, but I find that his writing naturally lends to pauses and rereading passages just to soak up and imagine the story as it’s going along.

    • Yes, I haven’t read that many of his books, but from what I can tell, he is gearing this series for a totally different audience, with a different focus and style.

      I did notice that I could read it faster than Song of Albion, though, haha. 🙂

  2. WadingAcross … I would highly encourage you to finish Silver Hand (book 2 in The Song of Albion series) … that is one of my favorite. Also, the last book in that series is very close to a Christian Allegory and has some incredible things to say.

    Anyway, great review, Jay! I just wrote up my own review as part of the CSFF Blog Tour … and I’m giving away a Lawhead signed copy of The Skin Map as part of the tour, so come on over if you’re interested!


    • Thanks Rob! 🙂

      Yes, I noticed that. Since I already got a copy, though, I will leave it up to someone else to get the signed copy, as cool as that would be though. 😀

  3. […] book, and highly recommended by me and the others who have read it. You can read my review of it here, and our very own Robert Treskillard’s review series of it over […]

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