A New Word Hath Been Birthed!

In a discussion with a couple of my friends, I mentioned that a certain sentence (which they were using to describe me) probably had an equivalent in one word somewhere. We made a few attempts at making one, but it came to little more than random roots strung together in a most unharmonious, gangly, and inefficient fashion. I was then challenged to come up with one myself, and I said I would do so if I found that there was none already extant.

So I went on an excursion into the depths of an online thesaurus, examining several networks of synonyms, but regarding all that I found as unsuitable for our purpose. I became rapidly convinced that there was no word with the meaning that we wanted, in English at least.

So I embarked on the next stage: creating one. No small task indeed.

I set myself these goals:

  1. It had to be short.
  2. It had to be memorable.
  3. It had to have a consistent etymology (all the roots of one language).
  4. It could not be a homonym or even a homophone.
  5. It had to have a pleasurable sound.
  6. It had to be easily memorable.
  7. It had to be intuitively spelled.
  8. It had to be able to be easily, intuitively, and consistently changed from one word form to another.
  9. It had to have a useful, concise, and precise meaning.
  10. I had to like it.

Alright so that last one was the hardest. 🙂

I tried to use Latin, but it really didn’t ring right, although it made etymological sense.

I finally settled on Greek (just because I like Greek), and was able to make a passable word for what I wanted, meeting all of the above requirements.

And so…

* bows, drumroll *

Presenting: Chronstrue!

Here are the proposed new dictionary entries for it and its various related forms:

CHRONSTRUE, v. [Gr. chronos time + Gr. stronnuo strew, spread]

  1. To diffuse your time over many tasks. To dilute your focus by scattering your attention among many occupations.

I tend to chronstrue altogether too much.

CHRONSTRUE, v.t. [Gr. chronos time + Gr. stronnuo strew, spread]

1. To chronstrue a period of time by filling it with an excessive number of tasks.

I always chronstrued my evenings in an attempt to finish the tasks of the day.

2. To chronstrue a task by adding an excessive number of subordinate tasks.

Chronstruing your projects makes for added stress and delayed completion.

CHRONSTRUER n. [see Chronstrue]

1. A person who habitually chronstrues.

No good leader is also a chronstruer.

CHRONSTRUITION n. [see Chronstrue]

1. A period of time that is chronstrued.

My afternoons consistently turn into chronstruitions.

2. A task that is chronstrued.

I was handed this vast chronstruition, and was told it had to be done by the next day.

CHRONSTRUTE a. [see Chronstrue]

1. The state of having been chronstrued.

Eradicating all chronstrute times in your schedule is a key step in maximizing your efficiency.

The closest synonym is ‘diffuse,’ and its closest antonym is ‘focus.’ It does take a bit of knack to get the ‘r’s right the first time, but other than that it seems pretty easy to pronounce.

Thoughts? Questions? Comments? Any alternative example sentences are more than welcome.


16 Responses

  1. It sounds really close to “construe”, but I like it! I’ll have to find ways to use it. ^_^

  2. Wow. Sounds cool!

    I can’t think of any alternative example sentences because my thoughts are a bit chronstrued. ;D lol

    Great post!

  3. […] of posts are lined up, but I haven’t gotten around to writing them. My schedule has been very chronstrued as of […]

  4. Wouldn’t the closest synonym be Multi-task?

    • That is a synonym, it might be the closest, I am not sure. The emphasis of chronstrue is the overly diffused nature of your time. Multi-tasking can be done very efficiently (others mothers would be in trouble).

  5. Wow, that is awesome. 🙂

  6. Very good! It looks so professional and dictionaryish. 🙂

    Chronstrue definitely fits you, too. 🙂

  7. You’re welcome.

    Hehe. 🙂

  8. Ethan: logo-morph, eh? I think I know what you mean… did you make that up yourself?

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    • Hello Mr. Ironic Spammer. I just wanted to thank you for giving me a good laugh. I don’t think any of us will be availing ourselves of your services, but I want to commend you for your honesty and exemplary salesmanship (lacking a bit in the tactful targeting area, though). 🙂

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