Riddle me this too


My most profuse apologies to you all. I was supposed to post this yesterday, and I am only just now doing it. Therefore, I will give you two riddles instead of one. Remember to not post the answer in the comments, only your confusion. Email me your guesses. 🙂

Here is the one that I made up, let me know what you think!

“Abdullah was fat. He was so fat that every evening when he went out to peruse the market stalls of his city, he had to force his way out of the widest door in his small house. One day he had more trouble than usual, and was in great fear lest he would be unable to return through it if he ate anything while he was out. He wandered about for some time, doing nothing but walking, and eating nothing but a sesame seed that he inadvertently picked up. He returned late in the evening to find that, indeed, he could not fit through the door at all. He therefore spent all night in great discomfort on his threshold; until the morning, when he got up and entered his abode with the usual difficulty.”

Now here is the bonus one that I did not make up.

“You are a young man, intent on rising in the world. You are overjoyed one day to discover that you have been invited to join a very exclusive society, which membership would aid you inestimably. You accept and are instructed to go to the society that evening for your initiation.

“This initiation is quite simple, but risky. You are instructed to wait in the foyer until a bell rings in the hall where the entire society sits to judge. You are then blindfolded and led into the hall and up to a pedestal, whereon is a hat with two slips of paper in it. On one is written ‘Stays,’ on the other is written ‘Leaves.’ If you choose the one that says the former, you will be accepted into the society, and your future is assured. If you choose the latter, or if you speak a word throughout the entire ceremony, you are forever banned from membership, and are ignominiously kicked out the door, quite literally.

“As you stand in the foyer, waiting nervously for this ordeal by lot, you see a lifelong enemy approach you (who is a member of the society), and gleefully inform you that he has, unbeknown to the society at large, replaced the ‘Stays’ slip with a second ‘Leaves’ slip, ensuring your vigorous removal. As soon as he leaves you standing in shock, the bell rings, you are blindfolded, and led to your doom.

“Your puzzle is to defeat your enemy, and gain entrance into the society.”

Have fun!


6 Responses

  1. Wow… Umm. I have not the foggiest idea. 😛

  2. I like this! I haven’t got the foggiest idea either…but…I’ll e-mail you when I have some guesses. 🙂

  3. I’m all discombobulated… ummm……

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