Principle Five

Felicitous greetings and salutations,

Reformer’s Unanimous is a faith-based addictions program dedicated to helping those bound by the shackles of sin to find liberty through Christ. They have assisted me greatly in the time that I have spent in their program and in the study of their materials. They have shown great wisdom in their understanding of the problems that beset us in our struggles in the process of sanctification. One of the bits of wisdom that Steve Currington, its founder and president, has propagated is the Ten Principles of RU. These ten principles are founded in Scripture, and are true and helpful to every Christian who is wanting to find Christ’s victory over sin in his life. Therefore, I am expounding these ten principles in a series of posts spread out over this month. This is the fifth.


(Little Sins Lead To Big Sins.)

People talk about how they need to fight and beat the Big Sins. Drugs. Hard Core Pornography. Smoking. Of course, some people don’t think those are big sins at all, and of course those people are not going to find liberty from them. Some people don’t think that lust, hate, anger, bitterness, and envy are Big Sins. They say that they will deal with those when they take care of the Big ones. I know. I was one of those people.






You cannot defeat any ‘big sin ‘until you realize how much God hates the ‘little sins.’ God considers unjust hatred to be equal with murder. Lust to be equal to adultery. Envy to be equal to idolatry. Period. No escape.

If you surrender to your flesh, death comes.

If you yield to the Holy Spirit of God, life comes.

If life comes, it begets more life.

If death comes, it begets more death.

That is the way it happens.

You cannot let sin rule in your life in what you call the ‘little’ areas and expect God to bring you victory in what you call the ‘big’ areas. You need to attack sin’s strongholds in every area of your life.

With joy and peace in Christ,

Jay Lauser


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  1. Wow, totally right on!

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