Principle Three

Felicitous greetings and salutations,

Reformer’s Unanimous is a faith-based addictions program dedicated to helping those bound by the shackles of sin to find liberty through Christ. They have assisted me greatly in the time that I have spent in their program and in the study of their materials. They have shown great wisdom in their understanding of the problems that beset us in our struggles in the process of sanctification. One of the bits of wisdom that Steve Currington, its founder and president, has propagated is the Ten Principles of RU. These ten principles are founded in Scripture, and are true and helpful to every Christian who is wanting to find Christ’s victory over sin in his life. Therefore, I am expounding these ten principles in a series of posts spread out over this month. This is the third.


All so often we act before we think about consequences. This is very natural for us fleshly beings. We are concerned with the present, and we do not by default consider what might come after. It is not until these associative driven computers sitting in our skulls receive a reaction strong enough to override that inherent selfishness that we can instinctively turn away from a momentary pleasure for the cause of safety later on. That is, not without the grace of God to aid and strengthen us.

In housecleaning it is always best to do frequent, light, maintenance cleans so that you do not have so much trouble with the deeper cleans. (This is especially important with large families.) It is even better if you can keep it clean in the first place.

This is true of your life and heart as well.

When you sin, you are bringing death on yourself. You are defiling the temple of God. It can be cleansed, but it is always better to not defile it in the first place. It is hard to turn around again. And again. And again.

God does not want us to live in continual defeat. He desires for you to live in victory and liberty infinitely more than you could ever hope to. He is seeking for you. He is working to help you. Sin blocks you from Him. When you are walking with Him, life is joyous and easy compared to when you are separated from Him by sin. He is your strength. Let Him maintain you.

Resting in Christ for victory,

Jay Lauser


7 Responses

  1. Both thumbs up!

  2. To my twin brother: Greetings, salutations, felicitations and so forth,

    Thank you for sharing this all with us!

    “In housecleaning it is always best to do frequent, light, maintenance cleans so that you do not have so much trouble with the deeper cleans. (This is especially important with large families.)

    Haha, that is very true. *grins* It is rather amusing to see the shock on my Uncle’s face when I am doing dishes or sweeping up a pile. (He lives alone, so our amount of dishes and dirt must be rather alarming.) I tell him, “Actually, this is just two meals worth of dishes, and the floor was swept this morning.” 🙂 Imagine if we didn’t do that sort of thing daily!!

    Anyway, slight rambling there, sorry. Great post! And no, I hadn’t been thinking about this, or at least not exactly this. It is funny, you and papa are both talking about hearts lately. 🙂

    Farewell, goodbye, auf weidersehen, adios, etc…!

    Your twin sister

    • And may all your salutary greetings be returned upon you with lavish thanks.

      Yes, I thought you would notice that. We know whereof we speak.

      Well, hearts are good things to think about, especially in this context. I will have to meander over to his blog sometime… time…. * sigh *

  3. Of course you did. Indeed we do. 🙂

    Yes, they are. Mine needs a lot of work.

    Yes, you will have to get over there sometime. He has some great stuff on there!

  4. This is a blessing! I work for Reformers Unanimous as their webmaster and web designer. If there is anything we can do for you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

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