Free, Very Important Lesson from Gracie University!


As many of you probably have noticed, I, my brother Patrick, and my father are all learning Gracie Jiu-Jitsu. We are learning it because it is the most effective and efficient martial arts system in the world. It is also geared for a mindset that is congruent with the principles that a Christian should be using in a real fight. It has been proven effective, and it is the one that you can receive the most benefit from for the amount of time and effort invested in mastering it. (It also has a very ancient and fascinating history, ask me about it if you are curious. Here’s a hint: Beowulf used a form of it.)

We have been learning it from the instructional videos for over a year now, but we were absolutely ecstatic when they came out with Gracie University: the website that teaches you Gracie Jiu-Jitsu better than private classes! It is amazing. but what is even more amazing is that you can view the first lesson absolutely free! The Trap & Roll Escape is the most important technique in the Gracie Arsenal for someone who knows only one: it can save your life. So they have provided it to the world for free, secure in the knowledge that when you see their incomparable teaching skills, you will continue to learn (which is actually very cheap).

Read this quote from the Gracie Insider (sign up here) to find out how to avail yourself of this offer:

The technique covered in lesson number one of the Gracie Combatives® system is called the Trap and Roll Escape. It’s the first technique we teach all our students, online, on DVD or in person here at the Gracie Academy for one simple reason – this technique alone can save the student’s life, and as a result, we don’t want them to live another day without it.

In order to ensure that you, your friends, and your family don’t go one more day without learning this life saving technique, we’ve decided to make the first lesson of the Gracie Combatives system available to the world – absolutely free. For instant access to this life saving technique, simply follow these steps:

Step 1: Go to and scroll down to “Free Lessons” on the home page, and click on Gracie Combatives Lesson 1.

Step 2: You will be asked to log in to your Gracie University student profile, and if you’re a new member, you will be asked to create a profile (it’s free and takes about 60 seconds).

Step 3: Watch Lesson 1, and learn all 3 variations of the Trap and Roll Escape!

Once you’ve learned the Trap and Roll Escape, and you’ve experienced the detailed yet easy-to-follow instruction that makes Gracie Combatives so powerful, we invite you to try the complete system. Depending on your preferred method of learning, you can add the remaining 35 lessons to your Gracie University lesson library for unlimited online viewing (simply visit the ‘Curriculum’ section), or you can purchase the complete Gracie Combatives DVD collection (please note that the online lessons and the DVD lessons are exactly the same). The best part is, as you climb through the curriculum on DVD or online, if you have a question regarding any of the techniques, you can post it in the Gracie University Technique Forum, and we’ll help you find an answer.

I hope that I will see you in the University!

With joy and peace in Christ,
Jay Lauser aka Sir Emeth Mimetes


6 Responses

  1. GJJ is certainly very effective, and think that the Gracie Combatives DVDs (my review here) are high quality with plenty of excellent instruction.

    However, philosophically I have some issues. I think the way in which Rener discounts striking entirely is contentious. I also have reservations about the online belt testing.

    • Slideyfoot,

      I read quickly through your reviews and considered them well thought-out, if a little misguided. I agreed totally with much of what you said, but there was also a lot that seemed to come from a premise that was different from mine (and the Gracies). You obviously are very familiar with the MMA concepts, and you are also very familiar with BJJ, if not with the fundamental principles of GJJ. You know much more than I, but I am not sure that you understand (or agree with) GJJ’s focus and basic premises.

      I, unfortunately, do not have the time right now to fully develop what I see these principles to be (not that I could convince you, or want to). But I would suggest getting more data from the Gracies.

      Thank you for your comment!

      With joy and peace in Christ,
      Sir Emeth Mimetes

  2. I have been studying off of Gracie University for 8 months now and almost completed the Gracie Combatives course. It the most excellent instruction I have seen around. I have gone to 2 different sport bjj clubs here in town and the instruction regarding techniques has come up short compared to the instruction received from Ryron and Rener online. Also there’s a very large difference between the jiu jitsu I learn from GU (Street effective – punch proof jiu jitsu) vs the sport jiu jitsu that I would learn from either of the bjj clubs here town. I asked a few of the guys at one of the schools i visited if they knew how to escape a headlock while on the ground and they had no idea. (They were purple belts). I also watched and while sparring noticed everything is geared toward tournament sparring, and that they leave themselve very open to be punched in the face. For this reason I have decided to continue GU and will never supplement my GU experience with any other jiu jitsu training. I completely believe what Ryron and Rener teach is going to be the most effective jiu jitsu for if you run into problems on the street. Regarding the person above who had reservations about no sparring. That is only during the Gracie Combatives (white to blue belt) course. Once you achieve your blue belt you enter the Master Cycle and begin free sparring. So a person spends 6 months to a year studying technique and doing technique exercises that teach us flow and develop our reflexes. Then we begin free sparring. I think Ryron and Rener have it right. I have heard other people comment “I can’t believe you hit blue belt and haven’t sparred”. To that you have to understand that a Gracie Jiu Jitsu blue belt from the torrance academy is different than a blue belt from a regular bjj club. Most blue belts from bjj clubs acheive their blue belt when they can hang with other blue belts sparring. (Tournament mindset) Grand Master Helio Gracie stated that anyone who can defend themselves properly in the street should be given a blue belt, and that’s exactly what the torrance academy does. You achieve a blue belt based on being able to defend yourself in the street. The gracie combatives teaches you the techniques to be able to do this against most bigger stronger non jiu jitsu people.

  3. Yeah i love it. We have about 6 of us who train regularly 2 times a week. The it has become quite a great time for all of us. And the techniques are wonderfull. The impact that learning this system has had has been tremendous!

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