Tazhgü recipe

In Ämos Maracca, the capital of the Karnanian province of Tskarnor, there is an avenue of merchants that is adjacent ot the street of Almonds and Dates. All along it, by almost every stall, there are great braziers, wafting upwards a multitudinous variety of scents, albeit with a common theme: they are the Tazhgü dishes of the merchants. Each family has its own recipe, and each merchant competes to draw customers with his own mix. Here is the recipe that I made. (When I made it the first time for lunch for my family it never even made it to the table: it was eaten before it arrived. Y’all might not like it that much, but here goes.)

Tazhgü from Ämos Maracca

A dish to be eaten hot…

  • Saute on high in olive oil-
    • Small handfuls of the following nuts and seeds:
      • Cashews;
      • Sunflower seeds;
      • Almonds;
      • Pistachios.
    • Two small shallots,
    • The following spices:
      • Salt (liberal);
      • Basil;
      • Chili powder;
      • Pepper;
      • Oregano.
  • Turn on low (after the nuts are slightly browned on the sides and aroma is strong) and add a little water;
  • Steam with a lid on for a bit;
  • Serve warm after letting cool a bit (those nuts are really hot right after you take it off the stove).

I hope you enjoy: remember that it is subjective to your taste and preferences. Have fun!

With joy and peace in Christ,

Sir Emeth Mimetes aka Jay Lauser


2 Responses

  1. That sounds wonderful.

    We do a lot of vegan dishes with nuts, but that one sounds like a great alternative to popcorn, and healthier.

    The chili powder would be excellent. I can see why it never made it to the table.

    • Thank you! Let me know what you think once you try it. 🙂 We use coconut butter, nutritional yeast (not brewer’s yeast), and organic popcorn for our popcorn. We like it that way, and I think Tazhgü would be hard put to it to compete. Might try it sometime though.

      What kind of health principles do you follow as a family?

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