My Schedule


I thought that it might be interesting to let all of you know what my week is now with a schedule. I would not be able to tell you what it was like before I re-created my schedule, since it was indescribable chaos. My schedule is not perfect, but it is somewhat interesting to me how I set it up. So if you implement something similar, let me know how it works. This schedule is only for my weekdays, since my weekends are utterly subject to the whims of my family, which is a good thing.

I only have about three hours a day on the computer, sometimes I get a little more, but that is not for sure. I separate these three hours into four slots of forty-five minutes each.

I have five subjects, one for each weekday. Right now I have: Website/blog writing; Reading Endeavor; Bible study; Programming/coding; and an email discussion group I head called (for now) the Purity Team.

Now I assign the subjects into the slots. This is where it gets complicated, so follow close. The first slot is always Respond. This is when I respond to emails, forum discussions, and on Facebook. The second slot is the Primary slot, the third is the Secondary slot, and the fourth is the Tertiary slot. Each day’s subject gets the most important part of its subject assigned to it in its primary slot. So on Monday I post at least one article on my blog (that I also simultaneously put into my website on my computer) that deals with a more important type of issue. On Tuesday I post my notes from the Reading Endeavor. Etc. Then in the Secondary slot I do the second most important part of the previous day’s subject. So on Tuesday I would write an article for my blog, but on the less important subject of Ithelak. On Wednesday I would check up in my partners in the Reading Endeavor. Etc. In the Tertiary slot I do the least important stuff from the subject of the subject of yesterday’s Secondary Slot. So it goes in a slant. Bible study is Wednesday’s Primary, Thursday’s Secondary, and Friday’s Tertiary.

This helps me to let my mind muse on one subject over a day before I come at it again, it increases my focus on the job at hand by letting me focus on each part with due rigor and time, and it also lets me both rotate through at a balanced pace that works for me. Of course, I still do not get everything done, but at least I get more done then before. As one subject becomes obsolete, I replace it with another, more pressing one. Such as: I just finished my massive Bible study that I have been working on for months, and so I can devote that time to forums work, programming training, or whatever I decide to do next.

I do not know if this helps you any, or even if I made any sense, but I hope it does.

With joy and peace in Christ,
Jay Lauser


6 Responses

  1. Very interesting… you must have a busy life. 🙂

  2. Interesting, what are you doing for programing/coding?

    • I am learning php enough to be able to make a career out of being an expert at it. Slow going. I know perl, and so I am expanding with learning perl-cgi. I am trying to increase my javascript, css, html/xml, and mysql skills as well.

    • Wow! We are so similar, it’s a little scary. . .


  3. hi. great article!

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