Homeschooler Survey


A friend had this in her notes on Facebook, and so I thought I should try it, albeit edited slightly since I am not a girl…

Growing up/now
[X] You were at least 13 when you got your first “trendy” haircut (I never had one)
[X] Everything in your closet at some time was referred to as modest (always)
[X] You have tucked things in that shouldn’t be tucked in
[] You have been a member of at least 3 co-ops
[X] You were a 16 and never been kissed (still never have unless you count my family)
[] Your mom drives a van of some sort (my mom doesn’t, my dad does)
[X] You have at least one childhood picture where you, your parents, and all your siblings matched (several)
[x] You are/were/will be a PSEO student (online courses with AIG are great!)
[X] At some point in your life you were more comfortable with adults than kids your own age (always)
[X] Have studied ways to defend your beliefs, debate, and/or create laws (starting my own nation right now, and have spent most of my life studying apologetics)
[] Used uber conservative eg. A Beka curriculum– one subject one semester
Total: 8

[X] You use big words that most adults could not use in conversation
[X] You can use the words sublime, epiphany, and cognizant correctly
[X] You have a favorite word
[x] You have an understanding of Latin root words and how to use them
[X] People from the outside world were referred to as “public schoolers”
[x] At least one of your sisters knits
[X] You laugh at the decline in literacy in America
[X] You score constantly higher than “public schoolers” on standardized tests
[X] You have no concept of cafeteria food
[X] Family vacations are/ can be referred to as “field trips”
[X] Traveling on said vacations have included stopping at historical site markers along the way
[X] You have never been in a public elementary school, middle school, or high school during regular school hours (Only when I went with my family for voting or for a bazaar)
[] You have gone to or been involved in a homeschool convention
Total so far: 20

[X] You read books on a regular basis
[] You have taken part in a political protest
[X] You were a Lord of the Rings fan prior to the movie
[X] You were a Chronicles of Narnia fan before the movie
[x] You speak a language other than English (does partial ASL and making your own count?)
[x] You dream of dating characters from books instead of celebrities (well…not date)
Total so far: 25

It has been assumed that you:
[x] Have won many spelling bees
[X] Have no social life
[X] Have no friends of the opposite gender
[x]Are extremely inept
[X] Only listen to classical music
[X] Play piano or the violin
[X] Do not own a pair of trendy jeans
[X] Have no knowledge of drugs or alcohol
[X] Don’t date, only court
[X] Have never been to a “party”
[] Know no other beliefs other than what your family believes
Total so far: 35

You have been asked more than 10 times in your life:
[] If you wear pajamas to school
[x] If you get perfect grades because your mom grades you
[x] If your mom teaches you or if somebody else’s mom does
[X] How do you meet people
[X] Why you aren’t in school
[X] If you get days off whenever you want
[X] If you’re going to be homeschooled through college
[X] If you have a big family
[X] What your parents are protecting you from
[X] To quote something famous
[X] For the answer, because supposedly homeschoolers always have all the answers
Total so far 45

You have “rebelled” by:
[] Listening to “worldly music”
[] Wearing black fingernail polish
[] Wearing fashionably immodest clothing
[X] Watching a *gasp* PG-13 movie
[] Breaking dress code
[X] Listening to music with a beat (Christian or otherwise)
[] Dancing. Especially dances that involve contact for longer than 2 seconds. With somebody of the opposite gender. Scandalous!!!
Subtract this from total: -3


1-10 You’re not really a homeschooler…you just do school at home
11-21 You’re a homeschooler, but not what the world expects
22-32 You’re a homeschooler
33-? You probably wouldn’t have Facebook to begin with…but congrats you’re the stereotypical homeschooler

Pretty good.

With joy and peace in Christ,

Jay Lauser


9 Responses

  1. quite an impressive checklist (or X-list, I guess)

  2. 😀 That SO describes homeschoolers!


  3. I got 37, and so would most of my siblings.

    That was fun. 🙂

    ~ Elsa
    aka Alaethea

    • I am glad you enjoyed it. I want to make my own someday…

    • That would be cool to make one. I was thinking it would be fun to do a list like the “you know your a crazy fantasy writer when…” but for homeschoolers and/or big families.

    • I was thinking of one that tells you what type of homeschooler you are most like: the KJV, the computer, the distance learner, the musician, the writer, the reader, the mathematician, etc.

    • Which one would you all be if you did make it? I would definitely not be the mathematician. I know that much. 🙂 I’m guessing we would be readers, but of course that’s without knowing anything about the survey that you are thinking about.

    • Hmmm… probably the Literary Homeschooler. And I am guessing y’all would be too.

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