Pendragon: Sword of His Father

Pendragon - Sword of His Father

Every birthday in our family, the birthday person gets to pick a movie to watch. For my 19th birthday this weekend, I picked Pendragon. We watched it last night (we were impatient).

I have noticed something about reviews and media that was highlighted in our experience with Pendragon. When you read a review that is half-hearted in its approbation of something, and then you watch it or read it yourself, and it surpasses your low expectations, you are blown away by how good it is. However, if you had read a bunch of rave reviews and then watched the same movie or read the same book, you would have been disappointed in it. That is my theory for why reviews can be so contradictory when talking about the same item. Anyway, I have read a lot of reviews by a lot of people about Pendragon, and was expecting a “they tried hard, but not quite good enough” type of independent film. We watched a few previews and trailers of it, and were not blown away by their acting. But I was not dissuaded and we still watched it.

I do not want to give a rave review, for the reason I stated above. But it is hard not to. I will tell you this: it was an awesome movie, under-rated by everyone. All the ‘bad acting’ we saw was actually great, when taken in context. The music was magnificent, the action was awesome, and the plot was fascinating. The message spoke directly to my heart and what I am passionate about. All in all, a must-watch for any family. I do not say that often.

With joy and peace in Christ,

Jay Lauser aka Sir Emeth Mimetes


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  1. Glad you liked the movie — we had the same reaction in the sense that it wasn’t perfect, but it all depends on what you expect.

    Considering the Burns family is up against 100 million $ movies, they did amazingly, fantastically well, and the story is inspiring as well.

    Of course, I like King Arthur!

    • Robert,

      Thank you for your comment! I agree completely. I read parts of your blog (of course not all of it!) and became very excited that you found me. Your family is fascinating and inspiring, and I am eager to get to know you better in future.

      With joy and peace in Christ,
      Jay Lauser aka Sir Emeth Mimetes

  2. Likewise, Sir Emeth, follower of truth!

    You might have read on my blog that my son and I were able to volunteer for one night of filming for Pendragon Sword Of His Father. That was great because we were able to meet the Burns family up close.

    I *really* respect what they are doing, and it was amazing how much effort they put into the film. We shot for at least four hours, and it turned into about 3 minutes of the film … now imagine that much effort for the entire film. Wow.

    Anyway, glad to become acquainted with you and your family. Sounds like your birthday is right around the same time as my oldest daughter’s, who celebrated her 18th on the 31st of May.

    • Sir Robert (or Bard Treskillard, or Loremaster of Epictales),

      I did notice that, and was very interested in your posts on it. I wish we could have been involved, but moving to Ireland kind of messed that up. 🙂

      My birthday is right around there: May 30th. I turned nineteen this year, so we are indeed close in age. How many children do you have?

  3. We had heard of the film and were interested in it long before we realized the Burns family had a branch in St. Louis and that they were filming here. Unfortunately, we were leaving town right as they were filming, so we were only able to take part in that one night shoot.

    We have three, Adele (18), Leighton (15), and Nessa (8), all homeschooled.

    We didn’t plan on that number, but that is what God gave us, and they are each very unique and wonderful blessings.

    I read some of your fiction—very good. I especially liked your poem at the beginning of the post about Dragons. Keep writing!

    • Too bad you were not able to participate more, it sounded like fun. I wish we had the opportunity to do something like that. Maybe someday.

      Homeschooling is great! Especially if you are into literature like we are (and it sounds like you are too).

      Thank you for your encouragement! It is helpful to have people who are also writing tell me what they think of my writing. I will be posting more soon.

  4. We never know what adventure God will take us on. I had to wait 41 years!

    God has you right where he wants you, and he’ll make his plan clear in time.

    Writing Christian Fantasy is a wonderful, faith-enriching thing to do. It is very hard to get published with a traditional publisher, but at least now-a-days it is easy to self-publish with POD and Kindle, etc. Either way, you have to love to write, and it looks like you do.

    Thankfully I have a day-job! Planning for that is very important.

    I’ll look forward to any samples you post. It looks like you are world-building right now? (i.e. designing the history, etc. prior to when the story takes place)?

    • That is so true! My family’s life has been one continual adventure for the last two years or so. Moving to Ireland from the States was one of a couple big things that we ended up going through. I am learning to rely on God’s wisdom and timing in life!

      I completely agree that Christian Fantasy is both wonderful and faith-enriching (if done properly). I love to write, and I love to make worlds, and I love to read about other people who do as well. Thank you for your encouragement!

      I have been doing more world-building recently (I also call it background development and fractalling), but I do intend to start writing one of my stories to post on the internet for all my readers to see and critique. I have plenty of background sufficiently developed to do at least seven of my nine contemplated books, so it will be about time. 🙂

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