Review: The Widow’s Might


My family downloaded this movie off of Behemoth after we heard on the Rebelution blog about it winning the SAICFF. We were blown away, as we have heard many others have been as well, by the amazing quality and message of this film. Made by homeschoolers, who are also rebelutionaries, I am very pleased with the good work that they have done.

Our whole family, from the 4-yr-old twin girls, to my parents, enjoyed the Widow’s Might. We loved the message, the acting, the singing, the cinematography, the plot, everything. It amazed me how they were able to have an action-adventure movie, comedy, and heart-wrenching romanticism all in the same movie, but they did.

I highly recommend this movie to all interested, and all who are uninterested as well!

The Official Widow’s Might Website


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