The True Elves of the Great Glade in Northern Minor


Shë Tauësoi — Elves

The Elvish tribe is the tribe of light, due to their foreseen loyalty to the true Light of God. They were endowed with the gift of longer life than men, naiads, dragons, and sylvans, as well as influence over their element, just as with the other tribes.

Slighter and more slim in structure than men, they also were more agile, quick, and surefooted in motion. They were characterized by thick, golden hair, and bronzed complexions. They were very resilient in constitution, and held up under severe strain, fatigue, illness, and even wounds with fortitude rivaled only by dragons.

They desired wisdom above all else, and they fell mostly from pride of the intellect and self-righteousness. They did not love machinery, nor did they love the darker tribes: men, dwarves, and dragons. They developed the art of grappling and ground fighting to a degree unparalleled by any artifice of men. They relied mainly on closed fighting in war, though they were also skilled in the art of the bow and atlatl (javelins launched with great accuracy and over vast distances by a springy rod held in the hand). So great was their skill in ground fighting that no unarmed warrior of another art could defeat a trained elve, and even when armed few could be sure of victory.

Their craft was built mostly around their inherent art of molding and fashioning light. They could, by effort and focus of will, or by virtue of the spoken word of command in the old Elvish tongues, weave, forge, or crystallize light into forms fine and delicate, or strong and powerful. The cloth thus wove was light, soft, and strong, and retained the color of the light it was drawn from. They also made armor and weaponry from crystallized and forged light, which was lighter and harder than steel, and retained its keenness with greater tenacity than steel. By tradition, they wove words and finely crafted designs and phrases into their works, mainly drawn from their old books and Scripture.

The true elves bore on their foreheads a star fashioned of light, which distinguished them as followers of the true light of God. Given when but a child, a star was not a sign of salvation, but of their lineage. To them were given the oracles of God and His revealed wisdom in the form of Scripture to be protected and fulfilled. To them was promised the coming of the Savior of all mortals.


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