Seven Principles for Battling Impurity

The seven principles

Failures will come in your struggle for purity, and by them God will show you where you have erred from His way, and where His standards lie, if you are willing, humble, repentant, and able to hear Him when He rebukes you. Despair not when you stumble: the difference between failure and victory when you fall is what you do after. Do you despair of God’s grace and strength to carry you on and teach you where you slipped and swerved from His way? Or do you repent in brokenness, sackcloth, and ashes, searching for the causes for your rebellion, and humbly seeking God’s forgiveness and strength to continue on? This is the first principle of victory which you have to watch and follow: Repentance. How quickly are you repenting from your sin?

The second principle (they could be in any order), is gratefulness. Gratefulness one of the most crucial keys to victory. This is because gratefulness is the exact opposite attitude of lust, which is in nature selfish and greedy. Lust cries out to you, that you need more; that what you have is not enough to satisfy you; that Christ’s Way is not worth it; that you are deprived from ‘true’ pleasure. Lust is the hungering and thirsting of the Flesh after perverted sexual gratification (perverted because it is twisted from God’s designed nature). Gratefulness is the seeing of the blessings God has given you, and praising Him for them out of a true heart. Train and teach your heart out of the Scriptures to be truly thankful in every area of life. A thankful heart cannot lust.

The third principle is meekness, and I believe that this one is the most important one of all. Meekness, humbleness, lowliness, all are the first and last principles to God’s kingdom. Without humility you cannot enter the saving grace of Jesus. Without humility you cannot hope to overcome the bondage of lust. Pride is the very strength and life of lust: the treating of every girl as nothing but objects for your sexual amusement. Pride blinds you to your sin and causes you to sin more. You must strive above all things to find a meek and lowly heart in every area of life if you will hope to win this battle.

The fourth is mercy. Mercy is the action of love, and you cannot sin with God’s love acting in your heart. When you are tempted to lust after a girl, pray for her. Pray for her as a real person loved by God. Pray to God to fill her with His mercies; for Him to bring her down in humility; for Him to reveal His glory to her; that she would be made a powerful tool in His hand. Pray earnestly and fervently, it does not matter if you know her or not, everyone needs God to do all the things that you are praying for to them. And in the midst of your praying, not only is it impossible for you to lust after her, but you are also filled yourself with God’s mercy, humility, glory, and working, even though you weren’t praying for yourself! Pray and work mercy in every area of your life.

The fifth is obedience. OBEY. Trust God and obey in everything. Trust God and obey your parents in every littlest thing. Trust God and obey your peers! Submit to your fellow Christians in love. Submit in everything everywhere. This isn’t just about ‘missions,’ forget about doing big time ministry right now (especially leadership roles, it is too dangerous for your pride, it will be a snare to you). Just serve in every little way possible. Works done for Christ will flow out of a pure heart when you have a pure heart. Seek to serve your family and your church in obedience. Put yourself under others in as many ways as possible.

The sixth is walk with God. Spend time with Him in prayer and Bible study. Make a note for every day how much time you spent in prayer and Bible reading and give it to your accountability partner. (Don’t include in the tally the little snatches here and there during the day, only the blocks of time over 10-15 min. But definitely do those little snatches). The more time you spend in prayer and Bible reading, the closer you will get to God, and the less you will fall into sin. I had to pray for at least two hours every day during my battles, and many times I felt dry if I hadn’t spent up to three hours in sweet fellowship with God. Try to read your Bible at least an hour a day: it is your life and breath. Get so that you hunger and thirst after your devotions with an equal fervor as that for food.

The seventh is making no provision for the flesh. This is the most practical thing you can do except for praying mercy and gratefulness. When you sin, that means that you made provision for the flesh somewhere. Find it and eradicate it, whether it be overtime in the shower, bed, bathroom, a suggestive book or website, whatever. If you can’t stop it entirely (such as taking showers), make it a provision for the Spirit rather than one for the flesh by using that time as an indispensable devotion time. Set aside the time for mercy and gratitude prayer, it works (just as long as you did it)! If you struggle with bedtime, pray and meditate on Scripture until you go to sleep. Seriously. If you are awake all night, that’s fine, it’s just one night’s sleep sacrificed for purity. Spare nothing in refusing provision for the flesh.

With joy, love, and victory in Christ,
Jay Lauser


10 Responses

  1. That was very good, Thank You.

  2. Emeth, you never cease to challenge me in the very areas that I need to be challenged the most! I have struggled with impurity for most of my life (as I’m sure most men have) and these are seven very practical things that I can remember and live out! Every last one of them is so true and useful in battling lust! I must admit that I had been practicing some of them before and had simply gotten lazy. Thanks for the reminder and encouragement! You are truly a man of God!

    • Reuel,

      When I share something, it is because God has shown it to me in my own weakness. If I challenge you, it is because God has challenged me. I too have struggled with lust (and still do), and God brought me to the foot of His Cross in repentance many times over it. He brought many men into my life that have struggled and won by His grace and Word, and they taught me those principles (among other things). I have two suggestions for help that are both biblical and efficacious in combating sin: At the Altar of Sexual Idolatry by Steve Gallagher, and Reformer’s Unanimous. I will be praying for you and your war in this area. Remember always that it is God who does the work, and that He is eternally faithful.

  3. This is so great! Praise God for warriors like you who are fighting hard and helping others do the same.

  4. Good stuff. Convicting and inspiring.

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